A memorial is classic way to honor your loved one. We believe a monument should be an everlasting tribute to a loved one’s life. It should reflect something of a person’s beliefs, values and personality. We take great pride in producing beautiful headstones that tell stories in stone. Deciding how to best capture the essence of your loved one in a grave stone takes time and we walk you through the process every step of the way.

How to choose the right memorial:

Most cemeteries have strict regulations as to size and style of a memorial. Before you shopping for a tombstone, you should know what these regulations and guidelines are for the cemetery you’ll be working with.

  • • Does the cemetery allow upright monuments or do you have to have a flat lawn marker?
  • • Does the cemetery allow granite or bronze or a mixture of both?

We are always happy to help you with the cemetery regulations, and it’s important that understand what is allowed so you can get a realistic price comparison when you are talking with different companies either online or in person.


Our prices are based on two main components of the memorial.

Size and Color of Granite. Most of our products include:

  • • Name or Names, Dates of Birth and Death, an artistic design or border of your choosing – A few lines of verse and Flower Vase/Cup

We also offer Bronze Memorials for the cemeteries that require a Bronze Memorial.

Our prices include the following:

  • • Name and Dates – Standard Design of your choosing – 6 words of inscription – and up to three standard emblems on a granite base where applicable.
  • • We are happy to provide delivery to local cemeteries for your convenience.
  • • We can provide shipping to areas outside our service area for an additional cost.